Musician Comments

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What do the musicians say about Griffin Guitars?

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" Pianistic!

 Supremely balanced

across the entire spectrum"

_______Steve James

"It's been years since a guitar has taken me away like this!" _______ David Wilcox


" ... my Griffin guitar just makes me sound better! And, as a great guitar should, it inspires me to play better... The look, feel and sound of a Griffin guitar is wholly unique... the happy outcome of the skills and perseverance of one man who is personally committed to putting the guitar of a lifetime into your hands..."______Bob Bennett


Kim, Thanks for the great guitar! Iím looking forward to the next one. ____John Rankin


I wanted to let you know that the guitar you made for me is doing well in Texas.  In fact, yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to play it for about three hours straight, and the sound kept getting better and better as it "warmed up". So again, I want to thank you for all of the care and work you put into this. The appearance is flawless, the sound is growing/maturing, and the aesthetics are such a good fit for me. Keep on creating for others!
Thank you,
Bobby H.  (Georgetown TX)

"...I just put down my masterpiece for a minute to tell you that you are a genius. This instrument is unbelievable____Roger Lewis

           " I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a fantastic guitar you have built for me.  It has wonderful balance across the entire tonal range, it is extremely playable, and it has tremendous projection right from the start.  The trebles shimmer and the bass is warm and rich. The guitar is aesthetically beautiful. In short, the guitar exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more pleased. I now have a new favorite guitar.  Many thanks, and blessings on you!" ______Jim V. (Minnesota)


      " I used the Griffin Model D when I was asked to play on CNN at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. It sounds great and I love it"___(The Young Bloods) Jeffrie Caine